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Stick-a-rondack Chair, custom made

An Adirondack style chair with a new twist! This Stickwork chair is handcrafted from natural materials making it one-of-a-kind. This style of chair has a well-deserved reputation for being comfortable in many settings: around a fire pit or ring, on the deck or patio, on the beach. Because our chairs are one-of-a-kind, we like to allow the unique characteristics of each branch and slab to shine through. In this chair, many of the slabs retain some of the "live edge", the outer edge of the tree from which it was cut. The slabs on the seat and back are handmade from downed trees we have salvaged. We would love to work with you to custom make a unique Stick-a-Rondack chair for you! Just send us a message!
Crane's Head Driftwood Chair

Delightful and whimsical driftwood chair. The name comes from the piece of driftwood that form the back of chair, which at the top has the features of a Crane's head. We've added a little shell in the place where the Crane's eye would be. Enjoy and relax in this handcrafted driftwood chair. The seat of this artisan chair is made of a slab of Birch. The entire chair has been given several coats of spar-urethane to protect its beauty in the elements.
The Drifter, Driftwood Chair

The Drifter is a handcrafted driftwood chair that speaks to our need to disconnect from the frantic pace of the everyday world. Relax, unwind, enjoy the "No Wake Zone" of this artisan chair. The Drifter is a one-of-a-kind piece created from all natural driftwood collected by me and my family in Montana. The seat and back are made from Birch. The chair has been given a fine finish of spar-urethane. If you like the theme rocks as pictured, you may choose one with your chair free of charge. Theme rocks available: "Slow: No Wake Zone", "Bye Bye WiFi", "Got My Drift", and "Free in Galilee". Simply choose your theme and drop us a message telling us which one you would like with your chair.
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