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Welcome to Artistic Sticks! Our artisan stickwork furniture is designed for people who connect with one-of-a-kind pieces. The design of many pieces starts with a unique design element or the discovery of a unique log, branch or tree root. While the idea for a piece may come as a full picture, the reality is always dictated by the twists and turns of the available materials. The logs, branches roots and sticks are chosen for their durability and unique characteristics. Some of our pieces include upcycled wood from pallets, adding a distinctive flair to our products. Our products are 100% handcrafted. Enjoy browsing through our products gallery! Our newest products are featured below
Garden Fence Gate, Custom Order, 3'x5'

We would love to create this gate for you! This gate is a great size for just about any location! Substantial enough to have the feel of security, yet the open work of the branches allows light, the breeze and peek to the outside. What could be more natural than a stickwork gate? Hand made and created from rustic branches artfully blended. This gate is thoughtfully designed using the most interesting details of the natural materials. Hand-crafted primarily from trees and branches that are clearly dead, benefiting the forest by reducing the available fuel for forest fires and providing materials for my gates, and other products, that have little negative impact on the environment.
Stick-a-rondack Chair, custom made

An Adirondack style chair with a new twist! This Stickwork chair is handcrafted from natural materials making it one-of-a-kind. This style of chair has a well-deserved reputation for being comfortable in many settings: around a fire pit or ring, on the deck or patio, on the beach. Because our chairs are one-of-a-kind, we like to allow the unique characteristics of each branch and slab to shine through. In this chair, many of the slabs retain some of the "live edge", the outer edge of the tree from which it was cut. The slabs on the seat and back are handmade from downed trees we have salvaged. We would love to work with you to custom make a unique Stick-a-Rondack chair for you! Just send us a message!
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